Suspension above all life

by Dèigh

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released November 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Dèigh Madrid, Spain

Dèigh (ice) is a post black metal band from Madrid, having experimented with several styles from raw black metal to dark ambient to dark folk music, now it has found its place.

M. is the mind and flesh behind the music, but his artistic creations go beyond music and into illustration or graphic design.
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Track Name: Summers past
In this holy ground that is your body, I shall dig my grave.
As I open your chest a tide of dead leaves, blurs your face.

I will cut one thousand flowers to fill your heart.
And when the last one has died I will come back to fill it again.

In this holy ground that is your body, I shall dig my grave.
To escape the dreads of life, and never come back again.
Track Name: Purple nights
The sounds of fall numb my days,
the leaden hours cast a gloom over my way.
I long for the beams, the light-hearted light,
that plays with the trees and warms my sight.

I want to see flowers at my feet again,
the purple nights scented with games.
On tender grass is where I lay my bed,
now I shuffle there on snow and despair.

I yearn for the wind that calls me soft names,
to fly with him and soar away.
Track Name: Beneath the celestial meadow
There is a veil of ashes and tinder that shrouds your voice.
On this anointed soil grows a goddess.

With roots deeper than grief her gown is pale,
her hair is full of stars and knotted with death,
and on her body grows briar.

Down her slopes embers shine and bones decay.
In her groves her cold breath howls and her tongue sings.

Moss hides her memories, and the brooks fill her scars.
Her fur is thick, dense as a cloud and deep as the sky.
Track Name: Suspension above all life
I open my mouth ans swallow the stars.
Inhale the void between their light, the endless vacuum.

The inmensity above me mirrors the constellations within.
I let my eyes shine and burn and try to glimpse the end.

Reality is a cold hand that reels me in, burying my roots.
But my dreams are dust, a floating aura, suspended above all life.